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Blended Learning
02/03/2018 • 0 Comments Blended Learning

Learning MindBoost Learning has been giving quite a bit of thought recently to blended learning...

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Digital Credentials
16/01/2018 • 0 Comments Digital Credentials

Reward Digital credentials or digital badges are a great way of demonstrating and rewarding learners...

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Adapt Authoring Tool
07/01/2018 • 0 Comments Adapt Authoring Tool

Adapt Authoring Tool MindBoost Learning recently embarked on creating custom made elearning content using the Adapt...

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Totara Learn
12/12/2017 • 0 Comments Totara Learn

Totara Learn MindBoost Learning are proud to continue its partnership with Kineo, the global leader...

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Colossal MindBoost
02/12/2017 • 0 Comments A Colossal MindBoost

A Colossal MindBoost As part of Hull’s 2017 City of Culture celebrations, the team experienced...

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28/11/2017 • 0 Comments Learning for everyone

What is Learning? The MindBoost Monsters have been thinking recently about the word ‘learning’, what...

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