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About Us

Why MindBoost Learning?

With almost 20 years experience in professional learning, commended by City & Guilds, certified by CPD and an Industry Partner of the eLearning Network, it’s MindBoost Learning’s ambition to disrupt the online learning and compliance space by providing cost effective, engaging courses that help you and your team get and stay certified easily and quickly.

We know that finding the right training provider every-time you need to do your training is a time consuming pain. So, trust MindBoost Learning and City & Guilds to manage when you need to do your training and not look to charge you every-time you do.

MindBoost Learning

Supporting You

It’s no secret that the way we learn and access information is always changing. Access to online services is standard, as is the expectation of learning quickly, easily on any device and at any time.

The MindBoost Learning Team recognises this and helps customers access the training they need, on a device that’s convenient to them, at the right time and at a cost effective price.

Meet the Team

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