All of our courses are available anytime, any place and on any device and accredited by City & Guilds and CPD. If you need any support or information regarding the courses why not get in touch with our little monsters a message.


HACCP Training

EU Regulations require you and your business have an effective and efficient food safety management system in place, this course is designed to help you operate effectively.

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Food Hygiene and Safety

Level 2 Food Hygiene & Safety

As someone working with food, you need to take responsibility for your actions and those of your employees and the food they handle, serve or sell within the business.

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Allergen Awareness Essentials

Allergen Training

It’s critical that all team members in every food and catering business understand the impact allergens have on their customers and how to minimise the risks.

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Safety at Work for Caterers

Level 2 Safety at Work for Caterers

Most workplace risks can be avoided through awareness and effective training. Followed properly, these elements can help to reduce costs and wasted time and effort for you.

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Work Equipment Essentials

Work Equipment Training

There are lots of pieces of dangerous equipment that is used within a catering business every day. How confident are you that everyone in the team knows the risks and the correct way to use the equipment?

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Licensing Law Essentials

Licensing Law Training – England & Wales

Our Licensing Law Essentials course will give you an understanding of the Licensing Act, the objectives of the Licensing Act 2003 and the associated risks of operating a licensed business.

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EHO Visits

Enforcement Officer Visits (EHO) Training

Enforcement Officers (EHO) can visit a business at any time and as someone operating a catering business you are more likely to be visited than most. Make sure you’re prepared and ready.

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Health & Safety at Work

Level 2 Health & Safety at Work

As an employee, you are responsible for the application of health and safety in your business and all employees are entitled to work in an environment where the risks are properly managed for the benefit of everyone.

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GDPR Essentials

GDPR Training

In force from 2018, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the biggest shake-up of global privacy law in decades. Not operating within the regulations could hit you and your company hard…

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Safeguarding Young People

Safeguarding Training

Whether you are an employer, employee or colleague, it’s vital to be able to identify harm, abuse and exploitation, and more importantly to act upon it appropriately.

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Diversity & Inclusion for Team Members

Diversity and Inclusion for Employees

Everyone has a legal duty to behave in a positive way and ensure bullying and harassment doesn’t occur. Everyone can be liable for misdemeanours if they breach the Equality Act.

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Diversity for managers

Diversity and Inclusion for Managers

Leaders have a duty for their team so It’s important that businesses treat everyone as individuals and ensure the correct behaviours throughout the business are being observed.

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