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Iris, Iris, Iris…. Iris MindBoost is a stickler for doing things right! Testing and QA is Iris’ thing and it needs to be right. The right way, the right device, the right browser, the right graphics, even the right way up, which is why she is so important to the rest of the team.

She’s the one that ensures clients get exactly what they expect. Which is well written, well designed, and well-crafted learning and learning experience platforms. She’s the one who repeatedly tries to break things before they are released into the wild!

That doesn’t mean she’s a bad monster, just, well, right.

If you want your learning expereince platform, bespoke learning or off the shelf elearning such as food safety, health and safety, safeguarding done right, then you got it, we need Iris MindBoost. She’ll ensure it goes through rigorous monster checks to ensure it works on any device.