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Woody MindBoost

Front End Experience Expert

Woody is the technical brain behind how designs work. If you’ve ever wondered how the great designs that Dylan Mindboost creates work in a piece of digital learning or on a learning platform, Woody has already thought about it!

He’s pedantic about quality and making sure clients not just get what they’ve asked for, but a lot more. This is probably the reason why he wears his name badge everywhere. He likes people to know who he is and what he can do. This doesn’t always work to his advantage as he is a curious little monster who often gets into trouble through his curiosity. He also sometimes gets so engrossed in the work that he very often has to remind himself, who he is.

We’ve seen little Woody grow from an exploring baby, through an adolescent teen to a proper grown-up…. So he says anyway.

If you need any details on taking ideas and designs to functional prototypes and finished bespoke digital learning, Woody is your monster.