Christmas Time

I don’t know why I’m so surprised when Christmas is on it’s way. I’ve been experiencing it for the last forty years but somehow it catches me and lots of other people out every year.

It’s the subtle things however that make the festive period exciting for me and all the other Mindboost experts. The thought of planning the Christmas Tree, the parties to go to, planning the Christmas Dinner and of course thinking about the copious presents that need buying and eventually wrapping.


I always think the buying is the easy part, companies, including Mindboost make it so easy to view and buy things online now. I still enjoy browsing and buying, it just takes a different and probably better form now. I’m sure some traditionalists will disagree that there’s nothing quite like browsing the shops, wading through the Sales and finding that perfect gift at a perfect price. But I enjoy scouring the internet thinking about the person I’m buying for and browsing for the ideal present, i just get a little help from Google and Amazon these days.


I just don’t enjoy the wrapping, none of the MindBoost Monsters seem to. Somehow our presents resemble a scrunched up newspaper overloaded with sticky tape, which always detracts from the effort that goes into the selection of the perfect gift and the thought process behind it.

What I have been inspired by this season though is the array of retro glass Christmas tree decorations available. It seems the more colourful and random the better this year. I even saw a glass burger and hot dog this weekend! Perfect.

Mince Pies or Mind Pies

Anyway, the bottom line is the MindBoost Monsters are excited to get their Christmas outfits on, start eating Mince Pies and Quality Street and can’t wait for the run up to the big day and just hope everyone else is looking forward to it as much as they are.

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