What We Do

What we do

Digital Learning to be proud of…

Our little monsters focus on three key pillars that drive the design process. We cut through the clutter to simplify things and create fantastic experiences that inspire people.

But why not let the monsters show you below.


We’ve got your back

We know that finding the right partner every-time you need some digital learning content is a burden that most people don’t have time for. So, trust MindBoost to create great quality digital learning that you can be proud of and simply works on any device.

It’s no secret that the way we learn and access information is always changing. Access to online services is standard, as is the expectation of learning quickly, easily on any device and at any time. This is part of our DNA at Mindboost.

Designer Austen

Mindboost has always been about creating great learning experiences. Whether it’s a programme, course, platform or a blend of everything, we bring the Mindboost Magic to everything we do.

We believe that innovation comes from finding new ways to drive customer success and deliver measurable business impact, not just by acquiring the latest shiny thing. We get to know our clients’ understand their needs and drivers and design inspiring solutions that meet their business needs and deliver impact.

Digital Learning Consultancy
Digital Learning Consultancy
Totara Learn Specialists
Totara TXP specialists
Bespoke Adapt content
Bespoke Digital content
Off the shelf elearning
Off the shelf elearning

Get in touch and challenge us to see how we can simplify, create and inspire digital learning within your business.