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Our amazing experts focus on crafting learning that connects with learners emotionally and drives a feeling. If you connect emotionally with people it prompts a response, which in turn stimulates an action and lasting memories. It sounds simple, but it really isn’t and too often the easy approach is to focus on delivering just the information that needs transfering.

We don’t take the easy approach, so why not let our team of creatives show you themselves how they approach custom elearning development and bespoke digital learning.

Mindboost Magic

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Let us show you how to bring your blended learning to life with the Mindboost Magic and become an industry leader.

Digital learning done right

digital learning done right

We know that finding the right custom elearning company can be a burden that if you’re a purpose driven organisation you don’t have time for. So, trust Mindboost to create your success stories and great high-quality bespoke elearning and training solutions that you can be proud of and simply work within your business.

We’re obsessive about customer service and ensure we build fantastic partnerships with our clients. You don’t want a supplier that offers a one-hit-wonder project, you need learning consultants that understand your business, get your aspirations and continue to support you.

outstanding design

mindboost. has always been about creating design-led, interactive bespoke digital learning experiences and learning management system for organisations. Whether it’s an onboarding programme, compliance course, learning management system or a blend of everything, we bring the Mindboost Magic to everything we do.

We believe that innovation comes from working together and finding new ways to drive success and deliver measurable business impact, not just by acquiring the latest shiny thing. We get to know you understand your needs and drivers and in partnership design engaging, inspiring and agile solutions that meet your needs now and for the future.

Style and substance
Get in touch to learn how we can elevate your digital learning.

performance consultancy.

Performance consultancy is about our experts getting under the cover of your organisation. Providing your business with honest, practical and commercially focused advice to support the best digital learning experience. Enabling us to achieve the performance your business strives for.

learning platform.

Mindboost are Totara specialists and take pride in doing things right when designing a Learning Management System for our clients. We’ve been doing this for almost 10 years and consider ourselves experts in ensuring the platform is configured, designed and supported correctly.

content creation.

Our digital learning experts love getting their teeth into bespoke elearning courses and development for organisations that simplify processes and inspire development. We work with every sector and industry to create content that hits the mark and is of a quality you and your business will be proud of.

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