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Do you desire a better digital learning experience for your learners?

Mindboost are Totara specialists and take pride in doing things right when designing a Learning Management System for you. We’ve been supporting clients with Totara in combination with great responsive content for almost 10 years and consider ourselves experts in ensuring the learner experience is configured, designed,  implemented and supported correctly.

We design, configure and manage a digital solution with a highly engaging journey, robust performance and tailored to the outcomes you are striving to achieve.

Learning Management System

we know  about learning experience

Lead with the learner

We put learning, performance and people at the heart of everything we do. We understand that great technology coupled with excellent design and the best support and partnerships are key ingredients to delivering impact within your business. We’re always on hand to provide expert advice and support to our customers around which learning activities will best help them achieve their goals and ambitions.

Make it personal

Learning management systems like Totara Learn comeswith a wealth of features and flexibility that allow you to personalise the experience. So you have peace of mind that the platform you invest in today has the ability to adapt and scale for you tomorrow,

Coupled with great support and continued advice from Mindboost we can help you ensure you use the features you want now, without overwhelming your learners but also have the ability to add new features as your business and the initiatives you want to deliver to learners inevitably changes.

Evolving with you

One of the main worries for businesses in investing in talent management technology is the fear that the solution will quickly become out-of-date. Mindboost take that worry away for our customers. We continuously look for new features and functionality based on client and industry insights which helps us inform our clients. And there’s no need to worry about upgrading to the most recent version of the Totara platform – we automatically do that for you as part of our SaaS hosting and support service.

Tailoring things

Mindboost is proud to have a long and positive history of supporting Totara and our implementations are always done with your business goals and learner requirements in mind. Totara TXP gives you complete control over your initiatives, data and reporting, as well as the look and feel of your platform.

Mindboost will help you with these personalisation and design features to customise your menus, dashboards and journeys.

getting things done right

The success of any online platform relies on understanding how to make full use of its capabilities and the requirements of its users. We have years of experience in setting up talent solutions and continuously supporting them for leading brands.

Our tried and tested process helps our clients get under the skin of what they want to achieve, supports them in implementing the solution correctly, and supporting them to understand how to use the technology and realise their goals. 

automation  is the way

Totara Talent Experience Platform is great at making it easy to manage delivering learning, recurring certifications and compliance across your business as well as managing performance and social engagement. You’ll have the ability to track development and implement automated, renewable training and processes.

Reduce cumbersome administration tasks and automate processes. With Totara Talent Experience Platform, everything is backed up with robust reporting so you can take the effort out of managing these ongoing requirements and focus on the day job.

Continuous Innovation

designed  for your business

Making sure your Talent platform makes as much as an impact as your team does.

Adapting to constant business change will enable your business to thrive now and into the future. So make sure your team isn’t a weak link. Supporting their ever-changing learning needs can help you stand out from your competition.

Get in touch to learn how we can elevate your digital learning.

performance consultancy.

Learning consultancy is about our experts getting under the cover of your organisation. Providing your business with honest, practical and commercially focused advice to support the best digital learning experience. Enabling us to achieve the performance your business strives for.

learning platform.

Mindboost are Totara specialists and take pride in doing things right when designing a Learning Management System for our clients. We’ve been doing this for almost 10 years and consider ourselves experts in ensuring the platform is configured, designed and supported correctly.

content creation.

Our digital learning experts love getting their teeth into bespoke elearning development for organisations that simplify processes and inspire development. We work with every sector and industry to create content that hits the mark and is of a quality you and your business will be proud of.

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