Adapt Authoring Tool

Mindboost recently embarked on creating custom made elearning content using the Adapt Authoring ToolAdapt is an open source and easy to use elearning authoring tool that creates fully responsive, multi-device, HTML5 e-learning content. The benefits of which support enabling MindBoost customers to learn at any time, any place and on any device.

These principles are at the heart of what Mindboost strive to deliver, along with lifelong learning and a quality experience. It’s no secret that the way we all learn and access information is continuously changing and access to online services is standard, as is the expectation of learning quickly, easily and on any device.

Creating engaging learning

After a number of stop/start attempts with using the authoring tool we finally locked ourselves in a room and cracked on with both learning how to use the authoring tool to it best and creating a useful and engaging piece of elearning that could be of benefit to our customers.

The authoring tool allows for many combinations of how course pages and content can be created and numerous components can be added to each page to make the content engaging and informative to customers. The only limitations with adapt currently appear to be the designers imagination…

Initial Release

Our first attempt at creating content has been on the subject of ‘Enforcement Officer’ visits and how a catering business can be best prepared to be ready for a visit by an enforcement officer. To some, this may not seem to be the most engaging of subjects, but part of the reasoning being this subject was to explore how a potentially ‘dry’ subject could be created as a piece of elearning and the fact that this would directly support our customers in the catering sector.

We are looking to refine this piece of elearning and use the Adapt Authoring Tool further before releasing the content as a formal course, but plan to provide this to customers as a free course to compliment the other City & Guilds commended content already provided by MindBoost Learning.

Further developments

MindBoost Learning are also working on subjects such as ‘How to support your Startup’ in partnership with C4DI and ‘Video over IP’ with Clavia. And many more subjects planned to support our Health and Safety and Food Safety offer.

If there is a particular subject you feel that MindBoost Learning customers would benefit from feel free to contact us.