Totara Learn

Mindboost are proud to continue its partnership with Kineo, the global leader in learning technologies and a City & Guilds company, to support with their chosen learning management system,Totara Learn.

With 20 years’ experience in corporate elearning and technology and a background in hospitality, Mindboost Director, Caleb Foster, wanted to disrupt the online elearning space with a cost-effective and engaging compliance learning solution that would make it easy for individuals and small teams to get and stay certified. Frustrated with the quality of compliance training available in the marketplace, the Mindboost team wanted to provide a solution to unengaging courses and poor charging models.

The Totara Learn Solution

Mindboost wanted a partner they could trust with their vision and a powerful and flexible platform to support their business. Having worked intimately with Kineo for over a decade, forming a partnership was an obvious choice.

When it came to choosing a learning platform, Caleb noted the most important factor was “…to know that the platform that what we start with today, we can also use tomorrow and the next year too”. The flexibility and limitless possibilities for scaling Totara LMS was a key point for the business. Built on Kineo’s SaaS offering of Totara, Mindboost’s solution looks nothing like a traditional learning platform, with the components responding beautifully on all devices.

The Totara Results

Mindboost wanted a product that they could get to market quickly and Kineo’s SaaS offering of Totara was the ideal solution. From Mindboost being established as a business to launching a product in less than 3 months, Kineo has been able to support every step of the way. From developing the platform to providing Mindboost’s course offering, to the design of the brand featuring lovable monsters, the venture has been a true partnership.

Together, Mindboost and Kineo have developed a brand that resonates with the millennial generation, one of Mindboost’s target audience. Mindboost wanted to give their learning solution a name – a face – and the monsters give the business that personal touch. Following this success Mindboost offer a variety of solutions themselves.

Full Case Study

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