content creation.

bespoke elearning designed for your business

Our digital learning experts and elearning developers love getting their teeth into bespoke elearning development for organisations that simplify processes and inspire people. We work with every sector and industry to create bespoke elearning and update existing courses that hits the mark and is of a quality you and your business will be proud of.

Whatever the size and scale of your business challenges, we partner with you to get it done right. We’re here to help you with everything from a single bite-size animation to complex global development programmes and support you far beyond.

Outstanding by design

we don’t just create elearning, we craft an emotion and feelings

Humans connect with things emotionally, and with the right emotions a feeling of curiosity is created.

learning to be  proud of

Experts at design

Our instructional designers are the experts at taking detailed information from your subject matter expert and turning this into something visually stunning and content that makes it easily digestible for learners. Using some of the latest techniques and learning psychology to get the most from your investment and achieve the expected learning outcomes.

Design led

We know making sure the custom elearning you want is on brand and aligned to the values and culture of your business is important. We’ll partner closely with you from the start to ensure your bespoke elearning content showcases the level of know-how, design awareness and engaging content you expect from experts.

Learner experience

Mindboost are always excited about helping businesses get the most from digital learning and their elearning solution and our experts enjoy crafting quality digital learning as much as you enjoy seeing it.

We create a multitude of different types of blended learning content that just works on any device at anytime.

Getting the blend

We cover a wide range of different bespoke elearning solutions including, interactive documents, elearning, video content, quizzes, system simulations, animations, augmented reality and virtual reality.

We create content to work on your platform of choice, so we’ll work with you to understand the requirements and measures of success.

outstanding  by design

You’ll be assured that Mindboost will give you expert guidance and practical advice at every stage of your project: from thinking differently, validating your initial ideas, to providing consultancy and implementation of your custom elearning solutions and learning management system.

Our experts are passionate about custom elearning development and all multimedia solutions and get a buzz from supporting clients through their journey.

innovative  approach

Sometimes you just need to talk through the dream and let us worry about the solution and the custom content.

We take pride in worrying about how we leverage all the opportunities to design the most engaging and innovative digital learning experiences and deliver that perfect elearning project, so you don’t have to.

style  and substance

We take pride in understanding the feeling and subject you are trying to convey and turning this into a well-designed digital learning experience that supports change in your team and business.

This comes from an understanding of the subject, a passion for learning, and the creativity of design. This makes any learning a fun and compelling business essential.

Bespoke elearning designed for you
Get in touch to see how we elevate your digital learning.

performance consultancy.

Learning consultancy is about our experts getting under the cover of your organisation. Providing your business with honest, practical and commercially focused advice to support the best digital learning experience. Enabling us to achieve the performance your business strives for.

learning platform.

Mindboost are Totara specialists and take pride in doing things right when designing a Learning Management System for our clients. We’ve been doing this for almost 10 years and consider ourselves experts in ensuring the platform is configured, designed and supported correctly.

content creation.

Our digital learning experts love getting their teeth into bespoke elearning development for organisations that simplify processes and inspire development. We work with every sector and industry to create content that hits the mark and is of a quality you and your business will be proud of.

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