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Setting the standard for inclusion within hospitality with BaxterStorey

BaxterStorey has partnered with the digital learning experts at Mindboost to develop brand new bespoke and engaging onboarding content for their 8,500-strong workforce across the country at more than 700 locations. BaxterStorey operates across a huge variety of sites across the UK – from football stadiums and universities to distribution centres and corporate coffee shops.

BaxterStorey is immensely proud of its people, who in turn are very proud of what they do. The brand is built on culinary expertise and professional training and development. Through various Academies, BaxterStorey provides focused and dedicated training to front-line and support office teams, helping them provide outstanding service and build a career for life.

Mindboost’s mission is to support businesses create the world’s best workplaces and this partnership has allowed us to demonstrate that. We pride ourselves in creating digital learning content with feeling that engages people emotionally and generates real feeling.

This incredible new content evokes emotions and excitement in team members, allowing them to thrive. Using our digital learning and expertise gained from over 20 years in the hospitality industry, Mindboost created a cutting-edge interactive walk-through video connecting their most iconic locations from Portsmouth to Edinburgh.

We strive to create innovative solutions that streamline and enrich employee onboarding and development using a combination of fast-paced and engaging media.

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Hannah Carter, Head of Learning and Development commented, “ We’re thrilled to be working with Mindboost to help us shape and create an incredible welcome for new Baxtor Storey team members. Mindboost has a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector and are the experts in digital learning development, they continue to surprise us with innovative and engaging ideas that enrich our employee experience. They are able to highlight our inclusivity, innovation and expertise whilst at the same time understanding the hospitality industry, so it was a perfect match for us.”

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In case you didn’t know, our Chief Learning Maestro is Caleb Foster, a digital learning and HR specialist with over 20 years of experience. Adding to our wealth of expertise in providing innovative, engaging and value-adding processes for a huge range of businesses. Caleb added, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with such a great hospitality business and this partnership will continue to show what an amazing place BaxterStorey is, whilst supporting to drive their focus on excellence and employee experience. Working closely with the team and truly understanding their business is what brings a smile to our faces, it allows us to truly make a difference and enable BaxterStorey to become the real rockstars.” 

We’re over the moon to be working with such an amazing organisation as Baxter Storey that truly share our values and vision for what the world’s best workplace looks like. If you want to learn more about how we can elevate your learning, get in touch with experts at Mindboost today. 

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Caleb Foster Digital Learning Geek
After gaining more than 20 years of experience in operational excellence in the hospitality and digital learning sectors, Caleb wanted to rid the world of dull ‘click next’ and ineffective elearning and solve the epidemic of uninspiring digital learning. Mindboost began back in 2016, when Caleb, saw a huge opportunity to create better quality digital learning content that connects with learners emotionally to encourage a desire to learn more. Caleb realised there was a lack of true understanding of an organisation’s culture and inner-working when learning providers were presented with a request from a client. So, the Mindboost team get under the cover of an organisation’s performance need and ultimately look to connect with learners emotionally. When a learner is connected emotionally, they tend to start believing in a change, this then generates a feeling and makes a greater impact within the organisation than just conveying information.