As part of Hull’s 2017 City of Culture celebrations, the team experienced a colossal mindboost as Marshmallow Laser Feast  presented a Colossal Wave…. and it was amazing. This is a mixed reality, fully immersive experience that left the monsters grinning, laughing, shouting, swimming and playing with their angler danglers…

What just happended?

It’s hard to explain exactly what we experienced but lets try. The experience is based over two locations, but the locations are connected by the actions that are happening in each, in real time.

In the inside location, you are immersed via virtual reality to shout and scream to make the ‘sound fruit’, yes ‘sound fruit. The more you grunt and grown and the pitch and tone of the noises you make affects the type of fruit you create.

Stay with us..

Then what?

This is where location two comes in. The sound fruit that is made then falls in the world you experience in the outside location. In this space again you are immersed in an under sea world, watching the fruit fall among other creatures.

Where does the wave come in?

The other twist is someone in the physical world, drops a bowling ball from the platform onto the gong below to create a ‘Colossal Wave’ which then overwhelms the virtual world!

It’s simple really…


We can’t tell you how much fun this is. You really have to experience it for yourselves, which fortunately you all can for free.

Check out the link and video and go with an open mind and not afraid to sing!

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