How do you ensure you are on top of your things to do?

Following on from our recent podcast ‘I love it here‘. We’ve been thinking about how different people record the activities they need to do each day without feeling overwhelmed with work.

We all have lots to do and that isn’t changing anytime soon, so how do we stay on top of things?

A Simple solution

One solution is to dispense with the To-do list altogether right? Just wing it…. that’ll work for some people, but I suspect it isn’t very sustainable.

An alternative solution

It’s really helpful to record each day’s positive achievements and gratitude as it’s too easy to forget the small wins and forward steps we all make each day, no matter how big or small they are. To do this we use an app called DayOne. Which is a simple to use daily journal app that reminds you to record daily events and activities in your own way, whether that be text, audio, images or videos.

It works across the whole Apple product range and so when you have a positive thing to record you can do it from any device and it then syncs across them all.

We also use Microsoft OneNote to record ideas, inspiration and take notes, as with everything there are many apps available to record this type of information and this is just our preference. The main reason for this is the integration into the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem.

The other piece of the jigsaw is Microsoft Outlook, in addition to the standard email we use this to time plan our calendar effectively and this is the key to not becoming overwhelmed with the amount of work we all have. Let’s face it, no one has any more time than anyone else, so how we use it becomes even more essential.

Focus on the process

For us at Mindboost this isn’t about the technology, this is simply an enabler to getting things done. The key point here is how to I ensure I know I am making progress and being successful each day, whilst also doing the stuff that needs to get done, without feeling overworked or overwhelmed…

Any other views

As with everything, everyone has their own way of working and own ideas on how to achieve this, this is just one way and it works for us. If you have any great thoughts, tips and tech that enables you to achieve the same process let us know, we’d love to hear about it.