What is Learning?

The Mindboost experts have been thinking recently about the word ‘learning’, what does it mean and how we all learn and access opportunities and information to continuously develop ourselves.

What does development look like?

At Mindboost we take learning and development seriously, which is why we also partner with a global leader in skills development, City & Guilds.

The question was, ‘What is Learning?’. Well, our monsters seem to think it is pervasive, that is, it is everywhere and happens all the time. We just don’t consider it to be ‘Learning’. We generally seem to just put it down to a new experience or an “I did not know that” moment. How many times have you said “everyday is a school day”?

How does learning happen?

So, knowledge happens in many different ways now, from experience, communication, observation, googling, the list is endless and most people would never consider that they have learnt something new, rather they just found out something new today.

But this then leads us to ask how much of this information is retained? If it’s not retained have we actually learnt anything rather than just experience a change in our routine?

Monster thoughts

Our Monsters, have lots on these magic thought moments and don’t really have any answer they just love a good ponder about the concept and no doubt they will revisit the topic in a further blog. For now they are content with thinking and offering some great knowledge from Mindboost.

Further Information

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