Reopening Excitement & Anxiety

The Mindboost team are not only experts in digital learning but also operators within the hospitality sector. We’ve been operating in the catering and hospitality sector for over 32 years across some of the world’s largest organisations to small single stores, so we understand the business that we are proud to be a part of and serve.

With reopening just around the corner, quite rightly there is the excitement of slowly returning to some normality with a hint of anxiousness about how quickly the commerciality of the business will take to return to levels experienced before the lockdown.


No doubt there will be the inevitable fun of getting things ready for customers and playing the ‘guess who will be the first customer game’, but being ready for the first service will be a fine line between over-preparing and under preparing, but this is nothing new to anyone who knows the business. Customers are quite unforgiving sometimes, but no doubt there will be hiccups and bumps within the first few weeks of reopening. Stuff happens and our customers will understand and stick by us. So relax and do what everyone in the hospitality industry does best, adapt and succeed….

Costs and efficiency

After being effectively shut or only having a partial operation for the last 12 months everyone will be focussed on anything that can be done to support efficiencies and cost savings within their business.

With this in mind, Mindboost has a unique way of helping the hospitality sector and has done for the last 5 years. All hospitality businesses know the importance of ensuring their team are appropriately trained so they can demonstrate the best way of ensuring safe practices are in place. Traditionally every time you need a team member to complete their mandatory Food Hygiene training you would pay, however, Mindboost only charges for the first time your team member completes their learning.

Just think about that for a minute, if you’ve been in catering for at least 32 years as we have, and you have to complete your Level 2 Food Hygiene course every three years, you would have done this at least 10 times by now, probably more if you’ve inevitably changed employer. With other providers, you would have paid for all of the times you needed to re-complete the training or not bothered and therefore operated without being certified.

A no-brainer!

With Mindboost you would only pay for the first time and never pay again but Mindboost would allow you to complete and remain certified for Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety and Level 2 Health & Safety for Caterers, satisfying the requirements of the Environmental Health Team. This could be a saving of over £200.00 per team member over that time. To compound this with an estimated 3.2 million people employed within the sector, that is a big opportunity to help save money for everyone involved, something like £640 million.

Remobilising your business

With a massive remobilising of catering businesses in the UK over the next few months and therefore re-training of team members there’s no better time to take advantage of Mindboost and let those efficiencies start supporting your business.

What are you waiting for?

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Caleb Foster Digital Learning Geek
After gaining more than 20 years of experience in operational excellence in the hospitality and digital learning sectors, Caleb wanted to rid the world of dull ‘click next’ and ineffective elearning and solve the epidemic of uninspiring digital learning. Mindboost began back in 2016, when Caleb, saw a huge opportunity to create better quality digital learning content that connects with learners emotionally to encourage a desire to learn more. Caleb realised there was a lack of true understanding of an organisation’s culture and inner-working when learning providers were presented with a request from a client. So, the Mindboost team get under the cover of an organisation’s performance need and ultimately look to connect with learners emotionally. When a learner is connected emotionally, they tend to start believing in a change, this then generates a feeling and makes a greater impact within the organisation than just conveying information.