Bespoke Digital Onboarding

bespoke digital onboarding: how to create an authentic  programme with user-generated content

Your business’s bespoke digital onboarding programme is vital to the success of attracting and retaining great people. The moment a new hire steps into your organisation, they’re assessing its authenticity whether they know it or not. It’s human. They’re looking to build trust and social connections. As part of that they’re keeping an eye out for what’s real and what’s fake.

Strong social connections are essential for workplace success so spotting authenticity is important for any new hire. According to Forbes, “Authenticity is the essential factor to achieve long-term success for an organisation, both culturally and financially.” If authenticity is important to both the new hire and the success of an organisation, it’s certainly an important element of any businesses bespoke digital onboarding programme.

So how can you make digital employee onboarding and engagement at your organisation authentic? Perhaps a scripted video from your CEO would do the job? Or a welcome letter from your senior management team? Wrong. The answer lies with user-generated content.

While traditional messaging and formats have their place, when it comes to welcoming your new hires in and making them feel part of your organisation and one that they want to stay with, you need to get their peers involved – other new hires, team members and colleagues who understand what they’re experiencing.

Social Campaigns

create forums

Utilise a digital onboarding approach and create forums where new hires are encouraged to share their experiences and ask for advice from their peers. Whether you use chat groups or a moderated forum on your LMS, connecting people in this way puts employee onboarding and engagement in the hands of new hires, allowing them to build an authentic experience for themselves and their peers. This user-driven experience can allow the real culture of a company come to light and welcome a new hires with trust and authenticity.

Self filmed video

self-filmed videos

Self-filmed video is an economical and effective way to present authentic voices in your employee onboarding programme. Ditch the stiffness of a high-end production and put scripts to the side. Instead, promote the honesty and genuine advice of your workforce. Aim for a mixture of voices including those who have recently onboarded and those who have more experience at your organisation. This will help your new hire build up a picture of the culture of your organisation and where they fit in and how they can contribute.

social campaigns

To keep your forums on your LMS lively and self-filmed videos relevant, build a campaign for people to join in with. This could be a campaign around employee onboarding, one of your company values or a hot topic like sustainability or wellbeing. Developing taglines, hashtags, slogans and websites helps to curate the content your users are generating and spreads their voices across your organisation.

how can we help?

Whether you’re looking to create a holistic digital employee onboarding experience for new colleague or need help with setting users up to generate content, it’s easy to see why it’s seen as such a strategic investment.

  • When it comes to digital onboarding programmes, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Our Learning Consultancy services provide a thorough analysis of needs before diving into the details.
  • Our bespoke elearning development is here to help you with designing learning campaigns, bespoke onboarding programmes and setting up the technology for creating a lasting programme for colleague to enjoy
  • With our specialism in Totara LMS platforms, we design, configure and manage digital solutions with a highly engaging journey and robust performance that is tailored to the outcomes you are striving to achieve.

We work with our customers to create authentic programmes and content to be proud of. Get in touch and have a great conversation with the experts at Mindboost, to find out how we can help you craft and deliver an authentic digital onboarding programme.

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Caleb Foster Digital Learning Geek
After gaining more than 20 years of experience in operational excellence in the hospitality and digital learning sectors, Caleb wanted to rid the world of dull ‘click next’ and ineffective elearning and solve the epidemic of uninspiring digital learning. Mindboost began back in 2016, when Caleb, saw a huge opportunity to create better quality digital learning content that connects with learners emotionally to encourage a desire to learn more. Caleb realised there was a lack of true understanding of an organisation’s culture and inner-working when learning providers were presented with a request from a client. So, the Mindboost team get under the cover of an organisation’s performance need and ultimately look to connect with learners emotionally. When a learner is connected emotionally, they tend to start believing in a change, this then generates a feeling and makes a greater impact within the organisation than just conveying information.