off the shelf elearning.

still using uninspiring learning?

As you may have gathered, Mindboost doesn’t do boring mediocre elearning courses. Mindboost are proud that all the off the shelf elearning courses that we provide is of the highest quality to engage you and your team.

We’ve got hospitality learning content that’s right for you and your team, available on any device, any time.

Off the shelf elearning

a range of  possibilities

Hospitality Compliance elearning

Mindboost is deeply connected with the hospitality sector, so you’re in for a treat if you are as well.

We provide a range of essential off the shelf elearning modules and bundles for anyone in the catering and hospitality sector to support your business operating safely and in line with legislation.

Corporate Compliance elearning

Compliance training doesn’t always need to be dull. Thank goodness for mindboost because we don’t do dull, in addition to creating custom elearning courses.

We have a selection of compliance courses to support your business to demonstrate the skills and knowledge for your team to operate legally, including Safeguarding Young People and GDPR Essentials

Mindboost off the shelf

lifetime  of learning

Learning is definitely not just a one-off event and should be continuous. Why not help your team and business by viewing all the courses available at Mindboost and benefit from:

  • City & Guilds commended content
  • CPD Certified content
  • Any time, any device learning
  • Team Management and reporting
  • Instant certificate upon completion
Get in touch to see how we can elevate your digital learning.

performance consultancy.

Learning consultancy is about our experts getting under the cover of your organisation. Providing your business with honest, practical and commercially focused advice to support the best digital learning experience. Enabling us to achieve the performance your business strives for.

learning platform.

Mindboost are Totara specialists and take pride in doing things right when designing a Learning Management System for our clients. We’ve been doing this for almost 10 years and consider ourselves experts in ensuring the platform is configured, designed and supported correctly, ensuring your investment hits the mark.

content creation.

Our digital learning experts love getting their teeth into bespoke elearning development for organisations that simplify processes and inspire development. We work with every sector and industry to create content that hits the mark and is of a quality you and your business will be proud of.

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