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Mindboost give the Workforce Development Trust the confidence to develop personalised Totara platforms for healthcare workers

The Workforce Development Trust is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation. They help both public and private organisations train their healthcare workforces. The training they provide is in line with the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF), which is a standard set by the NHS. The CSTF is made up of digital learning courses that cover subjects such as blood transfusions, dementia awareness and infection prevention. With such a vital role to play in training healthcare workers, the Workforce Development Trust need to host their digital learning syllabus in a robust, user-friendly way.


Providing a vital training syllabus is one thing. Hosting that syllabus on a user-friendly learning platform is another. While the Workforce Development Trust had a multiple occupancy Totara learning platform to host the CSTF learning for organisations, they were finding more and more that their customers desired a level of personalisation from their learning platform. The Workforce Development Trust had a vision for creating flexible, single occupancy platforms but they needed expert Totara Consultants and processes that would allow them to efficiently deliver personalised Totara implementation projects.

WDT Totara LMS

The Workforce Development Trust partnered with the Totara Consultants at Mindboost so they could have a fresh perspective on learner requirements. Using their Totara expertise, Mindboost guided WDT to a more design-driven offer. That was easy to implement and maintain for clients.


The first item on Mindboost’s agenda was to implement the Workforce Development Trust’s first personalised Totara platform. Mindboost developed a simple theme that utilises modern UX and visual design to create a platform that wows learners and is flexible for the Workforce Development Trust to edit and implement.


Instead of a multi-occupancy approach, the new platform has been developed to meet the needs of individual organisations. The Workforce Development Trust can reuse this model for all new customers, tweaking it to fit the needs of their individual organisation.

Now that they had one personalised Totara platform under their belts, Mindboost and the Workforce Development Trust set to designing an efficient project process to use going forward. Mindboost helped the Workforce Development Trust in understanding the bigger picture when it comes to the learning platform: it’s not all about functionality, it’s about an effective learning experience that’s easy to manage and engaging to use


By the end of their consultancy phase, the Workforce Development Trust had a new project process that covers end to end delivery. Together, Mindboost and the Workforce Development Trust developed a collaborative, transparent project process that involves the customer every step of the way.

totara consultants


The Totara Consultants at Mindboost helped the Workforce Development Trust to transform their learning for healthcare workers. The Workforce Development Trust’s offer has evolved from a digital learning syllabus available to users on a multiple occupancy platform to a personalised digital learning experience designed with the end-user in mind.

WDT My Learning Totara LMS

The results

Mindboost have supported the Workforce Development Trust in the successful rollout of five Totara platforms, each one rapidly delivered and personalised to the needs of the Workforce Development Trust’s clients.

The key to their success? The Workforce Development Trust are now using the 5Di development process on all their projects: discover, define, design, develop, deliver and iterate. This robust process gives the Workforce Development Trust the confidence to work collaboratively with their customers to meet their needs.

Both customers and end-users love how easy their personalised Totara platforms are to use, especially when it comes to identifying what learning needs to be done and what’s already been completed.

The Workforce Development Trust continues to work with Mindboost to further expand its digital learning offer.

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Mindboost used their expertise in digital learning consultancy and Totara specialist knowledge to support and transform the Workforce Development Trust offer.

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