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Adaptability support for team success

Technological displacement and rapid global change is resulting in catastrophic economic and mental health impact for millions failing to adapt fast enough.

All industries and businesses need to constantly adapt to minimise disruption and transformation. The level of work displacement is unprecedented and the pressure for people to upskill & reskill to find new ways of working is a global and industry-wide challenge and opportunity.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out the video below about why you should look to develop your AQ…

Adapt smarter to stay ahead

Understand the benefits

It’s simple really, employees, teams and businesses are struggling to adapt quickly enough to keep up with the pace of change that we are experiencing and are at risk of being left behind, causing stress, burnout and commercial failure.

We are living in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, where the pace of change is accelerating faster than ever before. And doesn’t look to be be slowing. 

Many organisations and people are suffering and are at risk of no longer being relevant and therefore left behind. Countless people do not have access to the support and development they really need.

Know the current status

How prepared do you feel your people, teams and workforce are for the next 1-3 years ahead? Are your people within your business have the skills, support and development opportunities to adapt to the agility your business will need to thrive, not just in the future, but now?

Measuring the abilities, characteristics, and environmental factors which impact the successful behaviours and actions of people, and organisations to effectively respond to uncertainty, new information, or changing circumstances is key to understanding what your next steps will be.

Understand the opportunity

Having the ability to view and interrogate a dashboard that displays your organisations readiness to adapt to the current and future needs of your business allows organisations to target specific areas and enable a much more strategic development plan for everyone in the organisation.

Support your team through accelerating change and building resilient and highly adaptable teams is a desire of most businesses, putting it into practice and it being successful can be something very different.

This is exactly what Mindboost can offer…

Support the development

Almost all successful organisations have a culture of learning and an appetite to adapt quickly.

With our Adaptability Quotient model, you can measure individuals, teams and your organisations Ability, Character and Environment components to support and validate measurement of the 17 dimensions of adaptability and improve this through actionable insights and tailored development programmes.

Highly scientific, but simply presented.

AQ Analysis

Analyse the details..

Adaptability is the #1 in-demand skill, but how do you measure who currently has adaptability and how can you develop more of it?

Our AQme assessment identifies, who adapts and why, how and to what degree someone adapts and when someone is likely to adapt.

Powerful stuff when you see a personalised report for you, your team and your business.

Compare against others…

Compare your scores against global averages to see real-world comparisons. If you have an aspiration for change within your business you need to stay ahead of other businesses. Colleagues expect a supportive and rewarding environment and every opportunity can be a competitive advantage.

AQ Explore and Transform
AQ Environment

Enable the change…

Start now, together we can build your highly resilient and adaptable workforce, delivering your future success.

Identify those colleagues and teams at risk early and provide the right support to reskill and upskill. Invest in adaptable leadership development so you can promote effectively, by matching AQ competencies to roles.

Build more effective innovation teams to drive breakthroughs, reduce workplace stress and improve engagement.

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