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Empowering Nestle’s customers with Mindboost’s digital learning

Nestle Health Science are a global leader in health and nutrition. They manufacture and sell vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements across the world. Central to their mission is to empower those working in health stores and pharmacies with the product knowledge and skills to sell the right products to the right people. Their brands include, Solgar, Natures Bounty, Minami and Vital Proteins.

the challenge

Product training had always been a part of what Nestle Health Science offered their customers, relying on face-to-face training to get their message across. While the content of these training sessions was well-received, the mode of delivery was becoming outdated. Customers had to be available on training dates, new product information could be easily missed if It didn’t align dates, and customers had little digital resources when it came to point of need learning. On top of that, the global pandemic meant Nestle Health Science trainers could no longer travel to see their customers face to face. To increase their reach, Nestle Health Science went digital with Mindboost’s platform and bespoke learning content solutions. 

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performance consultancy
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learning platform
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content creation

the solution

Nestle Health Science needed a professional way to help pharmacists and health store assistants learn about their products and latest innovations. They worked with Mindboost to develop The Supplement (Totara learning platform) and a series of bespoke learning modules. Needed a scalable and flexible way to offer brand training as well as offering content that focussed on the consumer needs. 

Solgar SHN

“the supplement”


Without an LMS, Nestle Health Science had no way of delivering great digital experiences to their customers. Using their Totara expertise, Mindboost developed an intuitive, mobile responsive platform that reflected the premium nature of Nestle Health Science’s brand. Working in the supplement market, Nestle Health Science are highly regulated. Misinformation about their products is their enemy so having centralised control over the information their customers are digesting is crucial to the success of their customer experience.   


Nestle Health Science wanted to empower their customers with product knowledge and skills that inspired them to stock and sell more products, and recommend the right product to the right person. In order to feel confident in their products and brand, customers needed to know about the products, their benefits and who they could help.  

To bring the products to life, Mindboost took a human approach to the learning modules, presenting products in an ‘in store’ context and setting up real life scenarios. Each module follows this approach, while having its own ‘feel’ that reflects the products it’s talking about.  


The learning is delivered through a mix of media – video, audio, AR and expert insights. This keeps the messaging interesting reflects the premium nature of the products and brand. Mindboost balanced the need for innovation with the value of consistency, making the modules feel like a family rather than a series of templates. Mindboost and Nestle Health Science continue to work collaboratively to design innovative, modern learning experiences which truly add feeling to digital learning and empower the learner. 

the results

Since launching The Supplement and bespoke digital learning, Nestle Health Science have seen a dramatic change in learner behaviour. More users are completing more courses than ever before. Learners are spending longer on the platform and longer with each piece of bespoke learning.

Nestle Health Science now have an engaging learning offering that is accessible to all, at the point of need. Without having to rely on organising expensive face to face training for health stores and pharmacies across the UK and Ireland, they can focus on maintaining a creative, consistent approach to learning that supports and inspires their customers.

Mindboost and Nestle Health Science continue to work together to develop product training, innovating and challenging ourselves on each project, to create learning experiences that deliver real impact to the business, the customers and ultimately the end users of their products. Check out some of the highlights from our recent webinar we did with Nestle Health Science here to learn more.

The Supplement
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