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crafting connections with a bespoke digital induction programme

We’ve spoken a lot about the importance of effective induction plans and the successes they can bring to organisations and most importantly – their people. As obvious as it may seem, there are so many things that go into an effective bespoke digital onboarding programme.

Bespoke induction programmes have become indispensable in modern onboarding, seamlessly integrating tailor-made e-learning experiences through bespoke content and courses. They’re designed to align with specific company values and objectives, are delivered through a bespoke learning management system, providing a personalised and efficient onboarding process. The integration of bespoke e-learning not only ensures a comprehensive understanding of the company’s ethos but also allows for a dynamic and interactive learning environment. With bespoke inductions, employees embark on a journey that goes beyond generic training, fostering a deeper connection with the organisation’s culture and mission.

We tapped into the Mindboost magic to give you some of the most crucial things to think about when creating a digital onboarding induction programme.

more than media
Your media and content within any induction programme plays a huge part in the learning. Everything from interactive elements, AR and VR, personalisation, all play a crucial role. It’s this initial level of excitement and feeling generated that bring a company’s culture to life and make the learning a joy ride. According to recent studies, Nearly 70% of people are visual learners, so it’s vital to paint a vivid picture to resonate with the learner.

emotional connections
It’s not just about facts and figure, it’s about stirring emotions. Personalised welcome messages, success stories, a sneak peek into the company’s journey, personalised avatars, a chance to for the learner to have they say, all of these things create a connection. Research indicates that emotionally engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their organisations so when we say digital learning with feeling we mean it.

Fun times

visionary alignment
Statistically, companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%. It’s not just about having a vision; it’s about ensuring everyone is aligned to the same values, mission and goals of the company. Organisations want employees to be proud of where they work and love what they do. Induction programme’s are an organisations are not only the first, but possibly the most crucial opportunity to get an employee on board.

user-centric design
We’ve moved light years passed boring LMS systems. Well designed, user-friendly and intuitive designs ensure smooth sailing through an onboarding process. Research shows that 94% of first impressions are based on design and handling. It sounds obvious but ensuring the learning is designed with all users in mind is vital. We must also consider adaptability, accessibility as well as other factors that can affect a smooth learning journey.


digital learning with feeling
Content that resonates sticks. It’s not about bombarding users with information; it’s about creating content that speaks to them. The most successful inductions tap into emotions. Employees perform best when they’re motivated and happy, ensuring they are filled with purpose is crucial. Disengaged employees have nearly a 50% higher likelihood of daily stress, showing the importance of considering human emotions.

click-through complacency
We are lightyears ahead of uninspiring click-through content, with the plethora incredible tools we now have there is no excuse. As well as this, it has been proven to have a detrimental effect on employees inductions. Research reveals that 38% of people will stop engaging with a piece of content if the material or layout is unattractive.

personal development pathways
Show your employees their possible journey and progression to growth within the company. Tailor induction programmes to highlight potential career paths and development opportunities. A study by Deloitte found that companies with a strong learning culture enjoy employee engagement and retention rates 30–50% higher than those without.

real-world simulations
Move beyond theory and let your employees dip their toes into real-world scenarios. Thanks to advancements in AR and VR, we can create simulations and case studies make the learning experience dynamic and applicable. According to Training Industry, simulations increase employee engagement by 40%.

feedback loops for improvement
Create avenues for feedback so that your employees feel heard and valued. Harvard Business Review emphasises the importance of feedback, stating that 72% of employees believe their performance would improve with constructive criticism.

social connection station
Humans are social creatures, and inductions should reflect that. Incorporate social elements, from discussion forums to virtual meet-and-greets. The same Harvard Business Review study found that employees with diverse social connections within an organisation are seven times more likely to be engaged.

a continuous Learning Ecosystem
Inductions aren’t a one-off event; they’re the launchpad for continuous growth. Implement a learning ecosystem that evolves with the employee. Research from LinkedIn reveals that a whopping 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development.

Group of cheerful men baristas wearing aprons

For new employees embarking on their journey with the organisation, the impact of bespoke online induction programmes is truly transformative. These tailored online induction programs not only streamline the onboarding process but also serve as a cornerstone for effective induction training. The bespoke nature of these online induction programs ensures that new employees receive a personalised and engaging introduction to the organisation, fostering a sense of belonging from day one.

The strategic implementation of online induction training not only accelerates the acclimatisation of new hires but also contributes significantly to the overall efficiency of the organisation. Through a carefully curated online induction program and engaging LMS tools, new employees are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and insights essential for seamless integration into their roles. This, in turn, enhances their productivity and effectiveness, setting a positive tone for their entire tenure.

From a broader organisational perspective, investing in bespoke online induction programs is an investment in the collective success of the workforce. By prioritising a well-crafted online induction, companies demonstrate a commitment to nurturing a skilled and informed workforce. This, in the long run, contributes to increased employee retention, improved performance, and a positive organisational culture. The ripple effect of an effective online induction resonates throughout the organisation, establishing a strong foundation for sustained growth and success.

Get in touch with the experts at Mindboost today to learn more about effective bespoke digital induction programmes. Check out what we did for The Bountiful Company here.

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Caleb Foster Digital Learning Geek
After gaining more than 20 years of experience in operational excellence in the hospitality and digital learning sectors, Caleb wanted to rid the world of dull ‘click next’ and ineffective elearning and solve the epidemic of uninspiring digital learning. Mindboost began back in 2016, when Caleb, saw a huge opportunity to create better quality digital learning content that connects with learners emotionally to encourage a desire to learn more. Caleb realised there was a lack of true understanding of an organisation’s culture and inner-working when learning providers were presented with a request from a client. So, the Mindboost team get under the cover of an organisation’s performance need and ultimately look to connect with learners emotionally. When a learner is connected emotionally, they tend to start believing in a change, this then generates a feeling and makes a greater impact within the organisation than just conveying information.