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Dylan MindBoost

Artistic and Graphic Experience

What’s not to love about Dylan MindBoost and his obsession with all things graphic design and creativity is what makes him amazing. Give Dylan a brief and he creates amazing designs from the almost seemingly impossible. If we are ever short on inspiration for what a great piece of learning or learning platform could look like Dylan is our ‘go-to’ monster.

We always wondered what he did with his wooden spoon, well now the secret is out. This is actually a magic wand in disguise. It must be… as all he seems to do is create magic design and bring things to life.

He also has a very particular palette. No cutting of corners, no sloppy practices, no poor habits. Only the best, creative and latest for Dylan. He’s a person who expects perfection and can advise you on the best way to get it.

However, once a plate of perfect food is put in front of him, what a mess. He can literally devour a nut roast in 10 minutes flat.